Rob Zimmermann, Oss 1970, living in Utrecht

The making of contraptions, dynamic sculptures, or kinetic art (though that sounds kind of fifties) by using elements like electronics, televisions, microcontrollers, and sensors, steel and wood, and arranging them in a way they were not meant to be. Also the practicing of painting, graphic design, and music.

Perpetual curiousity about what the experiments with the re-arrangements of components and systems will bring. The exploration of the relationship between man and machine.

(Past) Jobs
-Interior-, Exhibition-, and Décor Builder
-Truck Driver
-Special Effect Engineer
-Ball Bearing Research Consultant
-Lector/Coach Industrial Design
-Under the moniker 'El Constructor- Efectos Especiales (anno 1993)' the building of constructions and special objects.

In the Orinocodreef in the Overvecht area in Utrecht, in a gymnastic hall in a discontinued high school with some other artist.

The 50m2 workshop is equipped with metal- and woodwork gear and machinery. And by trying to stay up to date with art, technology, science, music, and philosophy.